We are your last line of defense

Shield protects you from increasingly aggressive and sophisticated adversaries by preventing cyberattacks before they can harm your business

With 61% of cyberattacks using a Zero-Day, it’s time to use Shield.

Shield operates at network speed

Shield kills connections without impacting your network performance or business operation.

Bidirectional Zero Trust

Shield implements bidirectional Zero Trust by allowing only known good connections to proceed and blocking any connection that is either known malicious or unknown.

Protects without generating alerts

Our rich database of over 8.5 billion active IP addresses kills malicious connections without the need for alerts.

Why customers choose INTRUSION Shield

Easy installation, operational in minutes

No more wasted time on noisy alerts

No additional manpower required


Installation is completed within minutes without the need of an IT professional. Once installed, your protection is immediate.


Unlike other cybersecurity products, which generate thousands of alerts, Shield instantly starts protecting your company from cyberattacks without producing a single alert.


 Accurately and effectively identifies and kills malicious connections

Shield is an award-winning solution

Most Innovative in Intrusion Detection Systems

Global InfoSec Award 2021 from Cyber Defense Magazine

IPA 2020 Winner

Presented at GSX

Ready to get protected?

INTRUSION Shield is affordable for every business, large or small. We price per seat, per month – with no annual contract and no hardware to buy.

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