About Intrusion

We are really, really good at stopping cybercriminals.

Intrusion combines…

Advanced threat
Malicious traffic
Automated threat

We make proactive possible.

Our mission is to empower your IT team with the technology, insights, and resources you need to proactively hunt down and stop malicious actions in your network.

Our story

Internet investigation turned
threat intelligence.

Our solutions began
as questions.

In the early days of networking, we decided to make it our business to know who’s who on the internet.

  • Who are they?
  • How do they behave?
  • What is their reputation?
  • Who have they been associating with?
  • What does normal activity look like?
  • What are the indicators of malicious intent?

We relentlessly
pursued the truth.

Through innovative technology and decades of threat consulting, we compiled billions of IP records (domain, hosting info, previous activity, and reputation) into a single source of truth, our Global Threat Engine.

For years, we operated as threat consultants for government entities. But the rising impact of cybercrime gave us pause. We knew we had to find a way to deliver our years of expertise and intelligence in an automated and scalable way.

Fast forward to now.

Today, Intrusion helps public and private businesses improve their threat hunting capabilities and fully secure their networks. We help teams of all sizes quickly and accurately identify the threats that pose the greatest risk to the business. Cybercriminals, you’ve met your match.

Reliable technology begins
with trustworthy teams.

We’ve been in the game
for a long time.

Intrusion is led by seasoned threat intelligence experts with decades of success in public and private cybersecurity.

Meet the leadership team

We’re growing our
team of innovators.

We’re looking for futurists – people who see beyond the threats of today to the solutions we’ll need tomorrow. Sound like you?

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