Healthcare case study

Solving Security Headaches in Healthcare

Greg Akers, managed service provider owner, uses Intrusion to help solve various issues that greatly affect their customers in the healthcare space.

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Stop unwanted comms from smart devices

There are thousands of IoT and IoMT devices found in healthcare facilities. Anything that connects to the internet is a potential security risk.

Intrusion Shield sees and logs every communication on the network, including communications sent and received by these devices and blocks malicious or suspicious communications.

Secure unpatched and outdated devices

Older, outdated devices can’t always support the latest patches and software updates. This presents a massive security problem. Cyber criminals exploit these vulnerabilities and can lead to a costly, or life-threatening, security breach.

Shield blocks malicious attempts to connect to the network from these outdated devices, giving you protection until these devices can be upgraded or removed.

Improve network and device performance

Intrusion Shield blocks a lot of unnecessary and malicious comms that translates to the end users experiencing faster load times using apps and internet.

It also improves the performance of other security solutions and reduces overall alert volume from those solutions.

Uncover potential data exfiltration attempts

Intrusion Shield logs all incoming and outgoing communications. The WAN/LAN statistics and reporting give you a good idea of what your normal network activity looks, making it easy to see and investigate abnormal bandwidth behavior.

“Best threat intel available on the market today, bar none.”

– Greg Akers, MSP Owner