What’s Applied Threat Intelligence (ATI)?

Cyber threat intelligence that’s way less complicated

Applied threat intelligence combines sophisticated cyber threat intelligence (CTI) with detection and response.

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No, it’s not another feed.

Threat intelligence is a must-have in your cyber arsenal. But traditional methods are expensive, time-consuming, and aren’t specific to your network environment. Our approach to threat intelligence is a simpler, lower-cost method that blocks threats that are in your network right now based on a connection’s reputation and behavior.

Traditional vs applied threat intelligence

Applied threat intelligence eliminates all the complexities of traditional threat intelligence while preserving all of its benefits.

Traditional Threat Intelligence Applied Threat Intelligence
Implementation Lengthy and expensive
Requires highly specialized staff trained to monitor, analyze, and interpret how threat intelligence applies to observations.
Fast and easy
Requires minimal experience to install and implement with a short time to value.
Ease of Management Labor-intensive, limited automation
Manual work and continuous validation is required to successfully use the intelligence, even in an automated capacity, to lessen alert volume and false positives.
Simple and automated
Threat monitoring and protection is part of your stack. The Intrusion Global Threat Engine recognizes and neutralizes threats for you without generating alerts.
Integration Varies with vendors
Integration of threat intelligence into various tools like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, and firewalls depends on vendor capabilities.
Already integrated
Applied threat intelligence is integrated into all Intrusion solutions and does not require restructuring of your existing infrastructure upon install.
Network Detection Response (NDR) Not included
With most threat intelligence platforms or feeds, you still need something to stop the threat. This increases costs and generally requires additional headcount to manage multiple solutions.
With applied threat intelligence, network detection and response is included. Save time and money with a combined solution.
Network Visibility Not network specific
Typical threat intelligence is not contextualized to your network. There are curated feeds that can provide intelligence on malicious indicators that are more likely to be in your environment, but whether they are there or not still remains unknown without further investigation.
24/7 visibility with context
See the threats that are on your network right now. Intrusion assesses every connection made to and from your network (not just a sample) to show you what’s happening in real time so you can prioritize your efforts.
Alerts Constant stream of alerts
All potential threats trigger alerts to be manually reviewed. And to receive those alerts, you also have to set up triggers based on the ingested intelligence.
No triggered alerts
Threats are automatically blocked and documented. Reports are available but no alerts requiring action are generated, reducing the risk of cybersecurity team burnout.
Threat Intelligence Database Varies in quality
Threat feeds can vary in quality and quantity. Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) have made it possible to curate tons of feeds and help sift out the threats most relevant to your network, but it is expensive and still requires heavy manual work in comparison.
Dynamic and sophisticated
Our threat intelligence is our bread and butter. The core of our database is 30 years of internet history paired with behavior, reputation, and manual analysis algorithms to not only protect you from known threats, but the unknown ones too.

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Applied Threat Intelligence: It’s Emerging Central Role in Cybersecurity and Zero-Trust Architecture

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A simpler, more affordable option for network security

Get the combined benefits of network detection and response with sophisticated threat intelligence for a fraction of the cost.

Start blocking high-risk threats with minimal effort

Suspicious connections are blocked immediately based on 30 years of internet history and sophisticated intel.

See everything that’s going on in your network

Every single inbound and outbound network connection is assessed so you can see the threats relevant to your network right now.

Integrate threat intelligence without the headache

Applied threat intelligence is great for both small and large businesses and can be injected into your existing environment without messing with your architecture.

Get applied threat intelligence
working for you.

Network Protection

Install Shield behind your firewall to protect your network from malicious inbound and outbound traffic.

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Applied threat intelligence – better for your network and your budget

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