Shield Cloud: The silver lining you’ve been looking for.

Protect your private cloud environment from unknown threats with Shield Cloud, a protective gateway that automatically blocks suspicious inbound and outbound connections.

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Everything is moving to the cloud, including cybercriminals. Is your cloud protected?

Cloud infrastructure and services are an attractive target for cybercriminals. And cloud provider security simply can’t deliver the dynamic network protection you need in an environment that requires constant accessibility. Without a hardened cybersecurity layer, your cloud network is still vulnerable.

Don’t leave network security up in the air. Defend your cloud environment with Shield Cloud.

Shield Cloud is a protective gateway between your virtual private cloud (VPC) and the public internet. Using the Intrusion Global Threat Engine, it automatically identifies and blocks malicious inbound and outbound cloud connections.

All threats neutralized. No alerts generated.

Get real-time DNS protection for your virtual private cloud. Shield Cloud leverages the historical knowledge of billions of internet domains and IPs to instantly identify and block malicious or unknown connections.

Scale your cloud environment with confidence.

Deliver secure cloud access and communications from anywhere in the world. Pair Shield Cloud with Shield Endpoint to secure all endpoints and enable Zero Trust cloud access across all devices.

Multiple cloud providers? No problem.

Simplify cloud-to-cloud security across multiple cloud providers. Shield Cloud enhances your private cloud security by only allowing access to authorized and authenticated clients and networks.

Integrate with existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

Shield Cloud complements the cyber solutions you already rely on. Data ingest for existing cybersecurity infrastructure is enabled through API integration, giving you all of the data, but none of the threats.

Don’t get caught reacting. Proactively protect your cloud.

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