On-premise network protection

Meet your always-on threat analyst.

In cybersecurity, speed is critical. Shield OnPremise helps you understand your environment’s biggest threats, fast.

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There’s malware in your network.

Your security team isn’t slacking off. None of your tools are defective.
You just don’t have the right data to see them.

Malware in your network

Shield OnPremise exposes threats you never knew existed.

Powered by our Global Threat Engine, Shield On-Premise sits behind your firewall. Trusted IP connections are permitted. Malicious connections are blocked. Security teams love it.

See all inbound and
outbound blocks.

See the real-time list of all blocked connections. Drill down on an individual connection to see more details like why it was blocked, risk level, etc.

Find out where connections are coming from.

An interactive map shows you what countries your business is communicating with the most.

Identify the top offending devices.

Quickly see which devices have the most malicious connection attempts to prioritize remediation efforts.

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Less reacting. More protecting.

See every connection

If an IP is trying to connect, you’ll see it. Shield On-Premise monitors traffic bidirectionally in real-time, giving you full visibility of every connection being made on your network.

Why is this important?

Know the good
from the bad

Stop guessing which connections are actual threats. Informed by decades of historical IP records and reputation in the Global Threat Engine, Shield On-Premise instantly identifies malicious or unknown connections in your network.

Protect your network and your team

Reduce cyber security team burnout and alert fatigue with autonomous real-time network monitoring and 24/7 protection. Shield On-Premise blocks malicious connections and enables your team to methodically prioritize threat resolution, without generating alerts.

Increase protection from Zero Days

Most companies simply don’t have enough historical data to classify connections as good or bad. Since blocking everything would bring your business to a standstill, Zero Day threats settle in undetected. Shield On-Premise gives you the historical data you need to identify and block potentially malicious connections without impeding the good ones.

Strengthen your existing security systems

Shield On-Premise seamlessly integrates into your existing environment and takes the burden off of your technology, SOC, and IT teams and other security products so they can perform better. Over time, Shield On-Premise can take the place of other products allowing you to consolidate your tech stack.

What customers are saying…

Great experience, I feel every engineering products and services organization should have Shield a part of their solution package for cybersecurity.
Richard Rochow
President, NovaTech
The best attribute of Shield is seeing what is going on inside your network.
Anson Elliott
IT Manager, AM Liner

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