It’s 10:30 AM on Monday. Do you know who your network is talking to?

Cyber criminals are slipping in and out of networks undetected. Until now.

With Intrusion, you can see every connection going in and out of your network. We pair that visibility with associated threat intelligence, giving you the insights your team needs to take action on threats relevant to your business right now.

Insights your team needs to take action on threats relevant to your business

Stop guessing. Get threat intelligence that’s relevant to your environment.

We maintain one of the largest threat intelligence databases with historical data on over 3 trillion IPs, hostnames, and domains. You’ll know what’s connecting to your network, if it’s good or bad, and why.

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The largest source of IP–related intelligence in the world

Automate on-premise security with Shield.

Monitor inbound and outbound traffic with Shield, Intrusion’s on-premise threat hunting device. Powered by our Global Threat Engine, Shield automatically identifies malicious or unknown connections.

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THREAT HUNTING & consulting

Let our team hunt threats in your environment.

Let Intrusion help you protect your most valuable assets. We have been in the networking and threat hunting business for over 30 years. Our threat consulting team provides in-depth insights into what’s happening on your network.

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Knowledge is protection

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in your network?

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