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Sunburst – the recent cyberattack that breached 18,000 businesses and 16 government agencies – did not breach a single Shield customer!

INTRUSION protects your network from Zero-Day Attacks

You need to trust that your network is safe from attacks. INTRUSION has successfully protected the federal government and large commercial businesses for almost 40 years. We applied over 800 man-years of cyber forensics expertise when creating our revolutionary cybersecurity solution, Shield. While Shield is our newest commercial cybersecurity solution, the core of Shield is Savant – which has been used by our government customers for over 8 years and is in its 9th release.

Cyberwarfare is real and you can’t afford to lose even one battle. Bring in the heavy artillery with INTRUSION Shield and trust your network is safe.

INTRUSION Shield v 17.2

INTRUSION Shield is the most effective cybersecurity protection available. We leverage decades of experience and the world's largest, most robust and threat-enriched Big Data Cloud to offer your organization the best possible defense against 3.2 billion dangerous IP addresses. We use real-time, AI packet analysis to kill even the most sophisticated cybercrime and cyberwar attacks.

The Shield AI has been specifically trained to identify and stop ransomware, the most prolific and crippling form of malware. We have changed the landscape of cyberwar to offer you the greatest, most affordable, plug-n-play cybersecurity solution. Shield doesn't just alert you of potential attacks – we stop them from happening.

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ASTORS Award 2020-3

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global cybercrime costs will grow by 15 percent per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025

INTRUSION Savant™ v 16.1

INTRUSION Savant™ is an alert system based on TraceCop data that identifies suspicious traffic in real time. With high-speed data mining and software analysis, Savant will assert a strong forward defense position for your network security team.

INTRUSION TraceCop v 21.01

In war, your strategy is only as good as your intelligence. The same applies to cyberwarfare. That's why we've amassed the INTRUSION TraceCop™ database over nearly 30 years of analyzing cyberwar and cybercrime and have become the premier network forensic cybersecurity tool.

Consulting & Threat Analysis

INTRUSION's digital research specialists deliver robust, cyber-enriched investigative services for our government and commercial sector clients. Utilizing advanced research methodologies and exclusive big-datasets from TraceCop, our actionable, mission–enabling reporting provides customized insight into our client's most pressing information gaps.

We offer timely solutions for public domain investigations, advanced geopolitical cognizance, and innovative skills in digital-footprint management. Our team holds decades of industry experience and are subject matter experts in the collection and production of cyber-enriched investigative products, with unique insight into adversarial methods and intentions within the information environment.