Use AI with the highest-scale
threat intelligence on the market

There’s no longer a need to manage threats, as they are
detected and killed in real-time


Organizations rely on INTRUSION to deliver
unrivaled protection

Kills zero-day attacks

Our new family of technological solutions stop compromises before they start.

8.5 billion active IP addresses

We own the world’s largest and most robust database of 8.5 billion active IP addresses.

Case Study

Learn how INTRUSION continuously safeguards businesses from cyber attacks and breaches.


How INTRUSION revolutionizes cyber defense

INTRUSION Shield™ goes on the offensive, killing cyberattacks with real-time AI before they can damage your business – even Zero-Days.

Solve network traffic analysis at any scale

Most advanced threat cloud

We utilize our constantly updated threat intelligence cloud to ensure your company is protected from the latest threats – including Zero-Days.

Real-time AI

Our real-time AI detects and kills connections that would expose your network to ransomware, phishing malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.

World’s largest database

Identifies more cyber threats than any other industry solution by leveraging our intuitive Big Cloud of Internet traffic databases.

Unrivaled accuracy

With 99.999% accuracy, your company is using world’s best-in-class, AI-powered IDPS.

Affordable for any business

You can receive immediate protection with no annul fee or hardware to buy for a small per-seat fee.

Plug-n-play instalment

Our easy-to-integrate technology makes installation fast and simple – no human interaction required while under our protection.


Kill zero-day cyber attacks

Shield combines global threat intelligence cloud with real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent cyberattacks before they can harm your business.


Leverage the threat intelligence cloud

TraceCop is the largest reputation-based threat intelligence cloud in existence and is used to inform whether or not a communication is good or should be killed.

Institutions that have benefited from full
threat intelligence protection.


We chose Shield because we needed a solution that could simply and quickly protect our enterprise infrastructure as we continued to scale our business. Shield’s ability to plug directly into our network and quickly add value without raising countless alerts will have a huge impact.

JR Schroeder
Cyber Defense Officer at Kimberley-Clark

The ease and instant protection of Shield has been great. It’s so simple to implement and
run, yet highly effective.

Portfolio Manager for Bard Associates

The Shield solution has shown us that virtually every network is already infected, and front-end protection is not possible. The understanding that networks are already compromised and that the only means of protection is to monitor and restrict outgoing traffic is the breakthrough
of the Shield philosophy,

President of NovaTech

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Ready to get protected?

INTRUSION Shield is inexpensive enough to be affordable to every business, large or small. For a small fee per seat, per month – with no annual contract and no hardware to buy – you can get immediate protection.

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