Get Unmatched Intrusion Protection with Our Affordable Cybercrime Prevention

INTRUSION Shield™ is a combination of plug-n-play hardware, software, global data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services that provide organizations with the most robust defense possible. This security-as-a-service blocks traffic and Internet flow, halting malicious behavior based on metrics that other intrusion protection products don’t have the ability to see or characterize.

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6 Ways INTRUSION Shield is Unique

  1. All other cybersecurity products try to lock the bad guys out of your network with firewalls, NDRs, and hundreds of other products. INTRUSION understands that you cannot lock the bad guys out since they are already on your network. They get on your network every time you buy a new computer or IoT device manufactured in China or through a hundred different ways. INTRUSION understands that all networks are infected with ransomware, viruses, malware, and more, so INTRUSION solutions work from the inside out to identify malicious agents on your network and neutralize them real-time using AI to make your network safe.
  2. Shield™ eliminates the confusing, costly, and time-consuming process of having IT professionals configure your network appliances by designing Shield for plug-n-play installation. Take Shield out of the box, plug it in, and start being protected from endless attacks by dangerous agents living on your network.
  3. Shield is inexpensive enough to be affordable to every business large or small. For a small per seat, per month fee with no contract, and no hardware to buy, you can plug-in Shield and get immediate protection.
  4. Shield uses the world’s largest and most robust, threat-enriched, Big Data Cloud of databases to identify threats before they can hurt you. Shield crawls the network 24x7 and incorporates over 270 data feeds to make sure it is as in-depth, complete, robust, and current as possible. While blocking solutions from firewalls and other devices only block 250,000 to 500,000 bad IP addresses, Shield identifies and instantly blocks more than 3.2 billion dangerous IP addresses. We ensure that normal activities continue to be conducted by allowing over 3.7 billion safe IP addresses through at the same time we’re fully protecting your business.
  5. Even with Shield’s amazing knowledge of the Internet, lists are static and can be spoofed by sophisticated cybercrime attacks powered by supercomputers and AI algorithms. Therefore, Shield employs patented AI technology running in our real-time network appliance to inspect all traffic coming into and out of your network to block all dangerous traffic immediately in real time. Most malicious cybercrime depends on call-homes to import more dangerous agents onto your network. The code designed into many new computers, IoT devices, modems and other technology is engineered to get very small, innocuous, harmless agents into your network. Once inside, they call home to import the actual harmful ransomware or malware agents. Because Shield examines every packet attempting to leave your network, we identify every call-home and block them in real time.
  6. INTRUSION has spent over 24 years supporting the DoD, identifying some of the most intense and critical attacks on our government. This experience is built into Shield, building on itself as it receives real-time updates. This means you benefit from our vast and growing sources of knowledge as we identify new dangers and stop them in their tracks.

Not only does INTRUSION fully understand the breadth and depth of cybercrime with our team of experts who have been cataloging, researching, diagnosing, and resolving cybercrime for decades, but its visionary CEO spent years in the federal government dealing with cyberwar. There he learned the sophistication of China’s advanced use of AI for all types of warfare, including cyberwar. China also leads the world in Quantum Computing that will dramatically enhance their ability to conduct cyberwar. A cybercrime attack by China applies supercomputers and AI algorithms so advanced that they attack your business with an AI agent which self-modifies its attack based on what it learns every time you block it, so the attacks don’t just get better every month, they get smarter and better every second.

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New approach to intrusion protection

The INTRUSION Shield™ family of solutions includes everything needed to defeat cybercrime:

  • Shield CLOUD extends that power to your Cloud environments, whether you use a hybrid or dedicated Cloud.
  • Shield LT inspects all lateral traffic (East-West communications) in real-time. Other solutions that inspect lateral traffic require expensive appliances on servers that allow some East-West traffic inspection. Shield LT uses patented AI technology to examine all East-West traffic, enabling it to identify and stop insider attacks like the infamous Snowden attack.
  • Shield RE will protect the workforce of the future – employees working remotely from home, since COVID has permanently changed the workforce model to remote work as the new norm.
  • Shield WIFI and Shield Mobile will be designed to recognize the dramatic transformation of wired communications to wireless communication with the success and growth of 5G.

INTRUSION is focused solely on cybercrime and stopping it in all its forms. INTRUSION has spent decades fighting cybercrime for the government and now with the launch of the INTRUSION Shield family of products, we are delivering the state-of-the-art AI cybercrime solutions needed by businesses large and small. Contact us to learn how to add Shield to your cybercrime arsenal.

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