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Get protection
with INTRUSION Shield

Shield combines plug-n-play hardware, software, global threat intelligence cloud, with real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent cyberattacks before they can harm your business.


Kill cyberattacks before they can harm your business.

Your adversaries are well-funded and well-organized always looking for ways to get access to your network and critical information. There are countless ways they get in. Shield looks at all traffic (inbound AND outbound) to identify malicious communications and kills them before they can cause harm keeping your network safe.

Most advanced threat intelligence cloud

Shield uses our constantly updated threat intelligence cloud to ensure your company is protected from the latest threats – including Zero-Days.

Real-time AI kills all malicious traffic

Shield AI technology inspects all traffic coming in and out of your network and kills all malicious traffic in milliseconds.

Unrivaled accuracy

At 99.999% accuracy, you can rest assured that Shield is only killing bad traffic and not slowing down good traffic.

Plug-n-play installation

Within minutes, the auto-configuring Shield protects your company from attacks living on your network and keeps you protected.

Affordable for any sized business

Get immediate protection with no annual fee or hardware to buy for a small per-seat fee.

Adding value within minutes

Shield consists of three main components: a network appliance; a user interface that allows you to see all traffic on your network in real-time; and, an executive daily report of all traffic that was been killed.


Shield Installation

Our one-page (front and back) QuickStart Guide outlines an installation so simple it can be done in minutes and without the help of an IT professional. Upon installation, your protection is immediate and our Security-as-a-Service runs without additional work or maintenance on the part of your staff.



Visibility of all your network traffic

Login to the Shield interface to gain full visibility of all your network traffic. An interactive global map provides a clean view of where all traffic is coming from and going to, with options to filter for more detail.



Shield Daily Report

The first part of the Shield report shows how your network was protected from known malicious or high-risk entities. This is all the traffic Shield has killed. The second half of the report offers a bird’s-eye-view of daily bandwidth and changes observed in your infrastructure, highlighting new and anomalous behavior on which your cybersecurity team may decide to take action.


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