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with INTRUSION Shield

INTRUSION Shield is a combination of plug-n-play hardware, software, global data, and real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) services that provide organizations with the most robust cybersecurity defense possible.

Using real-time
artificial intelligence

Finally. A cybersecurity solution that works.

You can’t lock out the bad guys since they are already on your network. There are hundreds of different ways they get there. Our solutions work from the inside out to identify malicious agents and kill them real-time using AI to make your network safe.

Plug-n-play installation

INTRUSION Shield eliminates the confusing, costly, and time-consuming process of having IT professionals configure your network appliances by designing Shield for plug-n-play installation. Take Shield out of the box, plug it in, and start being protected from endless attacks by dangerous agents living on your network.

Affordable for businesses of all sizes

INTRUSION Shield is inexpensive enough to be affordable to every business, large or small. For a small fee per seat, per month - with no annual contract and no hardware to buy - you can get immediate protection.

World's largest, threat-enriched Big Data Cloud

INTRUSION Shield uses the world’s largest and most robust threat-enriched Big Data Cloud to identify threats before they can hurt you. Shield crawls the network 24x7 and incorporates over 270 data feeds to make sure it is as in-depth, complete, and current as possible. Shield identifies and instantly approves more than 3.7 billion IP addresses.

Employs patented, real-time AI to kill malicious traffic

Today’s cybercrime attacks are now powered by supercomputers and AI algorithms, which means attacks are constant and come at you in volumes that are unrealistic to manage with cybersecurity solutions that only produce alerts to their presence. Therefore, INTRUSION Shield employs patented AI technology running in our real-time network appliance to inspect all traffic coming into and out of your network. Shield doesn’t send alerts – it kills all dangerous traffic immediately.

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$ billion

The estimated cost of the 2018 Facebook breach of 330 million records

Cost of a Data Breach, IBM and Ponemon Insitute


Estimated length of time Facebook would have to pay for INTRUSION Shield protection to equal the cost of this breach

The best protection is also the easiest to deploy

There are three main components of Shield: the installation of our network appliance, a user interface that allows you to see all traffic on your network in real-time, and an executive daily report of all traffic that has been killed.


Shield Installation

Our one-page (front and back) QuickStart Guide outlines an installation so simple it can be done in minutes and without the help of an IT professional. Upon installation, your protection is immediate and our Security-as-a-Service runs without additional work or maintenance on the part of your staff.



Visibility of all your network traffic

Login to the Shield interface to gain full visibility of all your network traffic. An interactive global map provides a clean view of where all traffic is coming from and going to, with options to filter for more detail.



Shield Daily Report

The first part of the Shield report shows how your network was protected from known malicious or high-risk entities. This is all the traffic Shield has killed. The second half of the report offers a bird’s-eye-view of daily bandwidth and changes observed in your infrastructure, highlighting new and anomalous behavior on which your cybersecurity team may decide to take action.


You've already been breached.