Three Reviewers Affirm Shield’s Ability to Protect Against Contemporary Cyberattacks

Ashley Garner
Ashley Garner
Oct 26, 2021

Bidirectional Zero Trust Cited as Key Value Delivered to Organizations

PLANO, Texas, Oct. 26, 2021 — INTRUSION (Nasdaq: INTZ), today announced that INTRUSION Shield continues to receive positive recognition from three separate sources, including: Frank Oelschlager, Partner & Managing Director at independent product & performance assessment consulting firm Ten Mile Square Technologies; Tony Bradley, CEO / President and editor-in-chief at TechSpective, a technology and product review site; and, Charles Kolodgy, former Research Vice President at IDC and currently Principal of SecurityMindsets, LLC.

A common theme outlined in these reviews is the use of INTRUSION Shield as an integral component in a Zero-Trust architecture. Shield is unique in its use of IP reputation to make pass/block decisions on network traffic in real-time as opposed to relying on traditional, or nextgen, firewall packet and application filtering engines. This novel means of protecting organizations from Zero-Day and malware-free attacks, which only allows trusted inbound and outbound connections to proceed, fits directly into the notion of Zero Trust.

Kolodgy specifically remarks in his whitepaper published October 25, 2021, that, “Bidirectional Zero Trust expands on the ability to ensure trusted connections by inspecting and analyzing the source and destination of all network traffic packets. This knowledge ensures the traffic adheres to the approved trust policy. Analyzing the metadata determines whether every packet originates from or is destined for a validated and reputable destination or if it comes from or is going to anything else. Packets not properly validated as trusted can be prohibited from traversing the network.”

And Frank Oelschlager stated that “Ten Mile Square Technologies’ assessment of the product as compared to the marketing claims finds that the product [INTRUSION Shield] in fact does deliver on key representations made. We found that Shield does what it claims to do, whether it is deployed in ‘kill’ mode, ‘observe’ mode or ‘turned-off’ mode.” Click here to download Ten Mile Square Technologies’ report published August 16, 2021.

Tony Bradley added that “Intrusion Shield is an affordable, intuitive solution that will immediately and automatically move any-sized enterprise’s security posture from reactive to proactive, and significantly improve cyber defenses while moving an organization toward a zero-trust environment at the network level.” Click here to read Bradley’s full article published September 22, 2021.
Finally, Charles Kolodgy concludes in his white paper, published October 25, 2021, that, “INTRUSION Shield provides the comprehensive network monitoring and analysis required in a Zero Trust environment.”
Click here to download and read the whitepaper.

Summarizing these various assessments, Gary Davis, INTRUSION’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, said, “We could not be happier to see three respected experts concur that Shield uniquely protects customers from contemporary cyberattacks — especially those stemming from Zero-Day and malware-free exploits — as a true bidirectional Zero-Trust solution. We intend to continue working with reviewers and analysts to help shape how we position Shield in the market.”


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