INTRUSION Announces Global Component Manufacturing Giant, Lippert Components, Accelerates its INTRUSION Shield Deployment

Ashley Garner
Ashley Garner
Oct 05, 2021
INTRUSION Shield has performed as promised to trigger an accelerated rollout

Plano, Texas – October 5, 2021 – INTRUSION, Inc. (NASDAQ: INTZ), a leading provider of cyber-attack prevention solutions including those stemming from Zero-Day and malware-free exploits, announced today that leading supplier to the RV industry Lippert Components (Lippert) has accelerated its deployment of INTRUSION Shield to protect against cyberattacks.

Virtually every day a new headline emerges reflecting yet another successful cyberattack on a multi-national company. With roughly 95% of successful cyberattacks arising from previously unseen exploits, using traditional signature-based cybersecurity products alone is not enough to thwart an increasingly brazen, sophisticated, and committed cybercriminal. So, in the first quarter of 2021 Lippert opted to implement Shield which relies on historical IP behavior instead of signatures to identify and kill, as needed, malicious connections associated with cyberattacks. Shield’s success during initial testing prompted Lippert to accelerate its rollout.

Vince Doepker, Global CIO of Lippert, said:

“It’s essential that we keep our 11,000+ employees protected from contemporary cyberattacks. Shield has become an important component of our layered defenses in doing just that. Its ability to identify and kill, when appropriate, malicious connections without relying on signatures is a significant enhancement to our existing defense in-depth strategy. Throughout our testing Shield has also provided invaluable and actionable insights that we are able to leverage in real time to make tactical decisions about risk remediation.”

Gary Davis, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of INTRUSION, shared:

“Lippert’s decision is reflective of the state of most companies today. With roughly 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions and existing teams struggling to address all the alerts being generated today, organizations are being overwhelmed by their cybersecurity products thus distracting them from focusing on other essential tasks. Using Shield to identity and kill malicious connections without generating alerts goes a long way towards addressing this challenge.”


INTRUSION, Inc. (NASDAQ: INTZ) protects any-sized company by leveraging advanced threat intelligence with real-time artificial intelligence to kill cyberattacks as they occur – including zero-days. INTRUSION’s solution families include INTRUSION Shield, an advanced cyber-defense solution that kills cyberattacks in real-time using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced cloud threat intelligence; INTRUSION TraceCop for identity discovery and disclosure; and INTRUSION Savant for network data mining and advanced persistent threat detection. For more information, please visit

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