Shield relies on advanced network monitoring and analytics to kill cyberattacks.

We protect companies that have zero tolerance for compromise.

Patented network monitoring and traffic analysis at scale

Decodes all protocols

Savant decodes in real-time all packets, protocols, fields in each protocol and retains years of metadata history.

Deep investigative capabilities

Savant delivers real-time deep packet inspection coupled with graph analytics of everything you want to see or understand.

Used by top threat experts

Used by threat investigators & researchers to efficiently capture and analyze all fields, in all packets in all flows, Savant enables detailed investigations into all communications – giving you insights into malware, bots, APTs, etc. to analyze new and emerging threats.

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Decode all packets, all protocols, all fields in each protocol in real-time

Our patents enable us record every packet in real-time and efficiently retain multiple years of metadata history – allowing security experts to uniquely capture, analyze and store bidirectional traffic at 20Gbps.

You can look backward in time to all events in order to trace back the origin of events on the network as well as complete network discovery and up-to-date analysis.


An investigative, intuitive dashboard gives you full network visibility

Savant provides real-time visibility, analysis, reporting, and forensic retention capabilities to critical infrastructure, business, and corporate networks along with enhanced network traffic protection.

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A proven tool trusted by governments and threat experts for maximum insights

Savant serves as a network reconnaissance and attack analysis tool for forensic analysts in the US Department of Defense, Federal Government, and security-aware corporations.

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