Shield Network Security Platform

Shield Only Allows Known Good Connections

Delivering Zero Trust naturally, the Shield platform kills all external connections to unknown or known malicious IPs.

Shield delivers a simple and intuitive user experience


Dashboard overview

  • Current and previous day total killed connections
  • Prioritized list of devices in need of remediation
  • Traffic allowed by country

Daily report

  • Executive summary
  • Killed events
  • Permitted destinations
  • Daily observations
Daily Report Summary

Shield is a bidirectional Zero Trust solution that inspects all inbound and outbound traffic.

The Shield platform
Kills malicious traffic
Performs packet inspection
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Shield is your powerful cybersecurity solution

Uses real-time AI for real-time packet inspection

We inspect every packet and kill nefarious connections with near-zero latency.

Decodes & analyzes your
network traffic

Savant is a real-time network monitor that captures, logs, analyzes, and retains 100% of the behavioral history of your network connections.

Leverages our Advanced Threat Intelligence

TraceCop is the largest IP reputation source, containing over 8.5+ billion active IPs, used to inform Shield‘s decision on whether or not to kill a connection.

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