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Healthcare practices keep their patients healthy.
Who keeps their networks healthy?

Healthcare businesses regularly exchange files, connect with 1000s of hospitals and doctors' offices, and rely on networked and remote medical devices, creating an expanded and exposed attack surface. This, combined with the massive amounts of valuable data they hold and their reluctance to implement essential cybersecurity measures, has left healthcare businesses increasingly susceptible to cyber attacks.

Real-time AI

Real-time AI detects and kills connections that would expose your network to ransomware, phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.

World's largest database

Identifies more threats than other cybersecurity solutions by leveraging the world's only Big Data Cloud of Internet traffic databases, TraceCop


Shield's plug-n-play technology makes installation fast and simple. After installation, no human intervention is required while under the protection of Shield.

Cybercrime is a real and present danger

The cost of a healthcare breach is approximately $408 per patient record excluding the costs of other intangibles such as loss of business, downtime, legal fees, and loss of reputation.

Healthcare will suffer 2-3x more cyberattacks in 2021 than the average amount for other industries.


Every sector of business has attacks, but healthcare is experiencing the largest growth of cyber attacks because of the nature of its information ... It's more valuable on the dark web.


It is normal for a hospital to get 10,000 to 50,000 attacks a day.


Shield keeps your practice healthy, so you can focus on keeping your patients healthy.