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We keep our critical infrastructure, supply chain, and military assets safe with the only sufficiently advanced cyber technology in the world

The biggest threat to the security of our Nation isn’t enemy weapons. It’s being hacked.

Rear Adm William Chase, Deputy Principal Cyber Advisor

Neither the department nor the defense industrial base may never be able to completely secure industry’s networks and controlled information, but our goal must be to complicate and frustrate adversary planning an operations such that they cannot conduct them with impunity or at scale.

Army Lt. General Paul Nakasone, US Cyber Command

I believe it is possible for actions I cyberspace to have a deterrent effect and contribute to the Nation’s overall deterrence posture. Effective deterrence requires a whole-of-government approach, however, and cannot rely solely on efforts in cyberspace. The current level and tempo of cyber attacks in not tolerable. Our adversaries see opportunity for strategic advantage through continuous activity in the domain. We must act purposefully to frustrate their intentions, increase their costs, and decrease their likelihood of success.


Sunburst attack


Federal Agencies victims


Defense Industrial Base Company victims – and counting!


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institution protected against attacks


With rising threats, cyber staff will continue to be spread thin.  Shield provides protection 24/7 by taking action to stop malicious agents without an alert.

Risk reduction

The first two steps in the incident response and investigations processes are to stop the bleeding and assess the damage.  Utilize the largest index of internet data over the last 25 years gives you a complete view of the entire IP Battlespace showing unique attributions..

Cost savings

Patching requires innumerable hours of process and procedure. Vulnerability assessments are expensive and require a plan of action to be executed when it’s completed. Shield accelerates operational processes and reduces work hours by providing meaningful information in real time about networks potential exploits.  Patching and Vulnerability programs become more effective.     


Shield significantly impacts several control families in CMMC ,and, acting as a compliance tool, provides a real-time wellness check of your network.

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