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Network Taps Products

Intrusion offers a suite of secure network taps which enable easy, fast, and robust deployment of any of Intrusion’s network security appliances. Using a Secure Tap is the best method for deploying network appliances.

Connects to Your Network in Seconds

With any other vendor, starting a network IDS / IPS project means trying to convince the network group to let you use a scarce spanning port or place an expensive switch somewhere in-line, thereby creating a potential point of failure. This is not an issue with Intrusion’s Secure Taps.

Completely Transparent to Your Network

Secure Taps allows the connection of a Compliance Commander Sentry appliance to any network in just a few seconds of work where it is totally transparent to the network.

Cannot Create a Point-of-Failure

The Intrusion Secure Tap family creates a simple, secure and resilient connection into the network for your Compliance Commander Sentry appliance. All Secure Taps fail closed and do not create potential points of failure. There is no chance that any security appliance can cause a network to go down.

Cannot Be Attacked

Secure Taps have no MAC or IP addresses which makes them totally transparent to the network so they cannot be attacked. One of the tremendous benefits of using Secure Taps with the Compliance Commander Sentry appliances is that Secure Taps allow your Intrusion security appliance to stop offending traffic. Other vendors' taps can interfere with an appliance's ability to stop malicious traffic.