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All Ports, Protocols and Applications….All the Time.

Our proprietary Dynamic Application Detection™ technology ensures that your network is future-proofed against any new applications and protocols which may find their way into your network. Today’s modern enterprise networks are very complex and it is very difficult to get a clear understanding of the network traffic leaving the network which might contain sensitive customer data. Compliance Commander’s Dynamic Application Detection™ technology examines all ports, protocols and applications dynamically, thereby ensuring that no sensitive data is leaked on to public networks. Sentry provides the needed transparency to network security administrators so that they can understand and block customer data leaks.

Dynamic Application Detector

Secure and Reliable Performance.

Compliance Commander has been carefully designed from the ground up. Our solution utilizes “streamed decoding”, resulting in near gigabit line speeds with maximum security and minimal latency. In comparison, other vendors use the host’s file system for decoding protocols which creates significant latency, typically orders of magnitude higher. Furthermore, data can reside on the host’s hard disk, making the architecture prone to malicious code and file system vulnerabilities, as well as being susceptible to denial-of-service (DOS) attacks.

Compliance Commander's Streamed Decoding Technology

Innovative Technologies

Our D3 (Dynamic Data Dictionary™) technology provides actual data matching so there are no false positives. Customer, or other sensitive data, is uploaded from the database and is loaded into the memory of the sensor (protected by encryption).

The Sentry solution also scales for multiple databases and sensors for unrivalled flexibility. Our proprietary MPPA (Massively Parallel Packet Architecture), using parallel 64 bit architecture, supports databases up to 320 million records at T3 line speeds, while simultaneously supporting millisecond, hot-failover for unrivalled scalability and availability.