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Shield is the newest layer in your Zero Trust architecture

Shield combines over 25 years of IP reputational behavior with advanced real-time network monitoring to protect you from Zero-Day, malware-free, and other contemporary attacks

No infrastructure is impenetrable. That’s why we monitor what’s coming in and out.

8.5+ Billion

Active IPs in our advanced threat intelligence cloud

5.1+ Billion

Known good IP addresses


Years of historical IP reputation


Traffic is inspected in real-time


Our Advanced Threat Intelligence has a complete history of over 8.5 billion active IPs. It contains IP historical data, reputation information, and designations of good or malicious.

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TraceCop is continuously updated to identify known good and malicious IPs while expanding reputation data.

Shield monitoring all connections

Shield uses Advanced Threat Intelligence to inform its decision-making on every incoming and outgoing connection.

Packet Inspection

Learn how real-time traffic inspection is critical to your Zero Trust framework.

Shield is the newest layer in your Zero Trust architecture


Shield benefits

  • Prevent bad actors from attacking your business by blocking their connections.
  • Block malicious connections in real-time without generating alerts.

Real-time AI that kills threats instantly

  • The engine crawls the network to gather publicly available information for newly discovered IP addresses, domains and more.
  • Examines the traffic in real-time, performing packet inspection to make Kill/Pass decisions.

Advanced threat intelligence

  • Our advanced threat intelligence has been recording, categorizing, and indexing internet traffic for over 2 decades to create the richest database of IP source information.
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We help protect your network from Zero-Day, malware free and other contemporary attacks

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“Installation was an absolute breeze. Shield is like a traditional firewall on steroids where you’re really paying attention to the ports and killing them, but all the work is done for you.”

JR Schroeder
IT Management Team

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“We chose Shield because we needed a solution that leveraged AI to stop increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks targeting our company.”

Jamie A. Schnur
Group President, Aftermarket
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“I truly feel you Shield all have my back and that is paramount now a days.”

Richard Rochow
President of NovaTech

Shield provided specific threat indicators and immediately killed them, proving its effectiveness..”

Sam Dharamsi
Head of Operations, Drucker Labs

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We are a partner-first company, enabling our network of partners to deliver innovation that protects against today’s threats.

Ashlin Tech Solutions
Axis Technologies
BlackHawk Data Solutions
Blacklake Security
Forequest Technologies
Guidepoint Security
Infinit Technology Solutions
LCM Solutions
Mainline Information Systems
Miken Technologies
NXT GEN Technologies
Red Sky Alliance
Vox Network Solutions
You Are Secure
JWM Consulting

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