Zero day attack prevention

Only Intrusion’s Shield uses real-time Artificial Intelligence to inspect every inbound and outbound packet

We recognize Zero-Day attacks as encrypted malware or modified malware designed to bypass detection and protection solutions.


Organizations rely on INTRUSION to deliver
unrivaled protection

Stop malicious code

The Sunburst attack against SolarWinds was a Zero-Day attack.

Smart technology

INTRUSION’s Shield identified Sunburst in early 2020.

Ever-changing suspicious activity

1Q 2021, Zero-Day malware techniques grew by 50%.

Growing number of attacks

61% of attacks in Q4 2020 used Zero-Day attacks. 

Solve network traffic analysis at any scale

Protect all networks

100% scalable from small to large networks introducing zero latency to clients’ operating environment.

Real-time AI

Our real-time AI for deep packet inspection of all connections attempting to enter or exit your network.

8.5 billion active IP addresses

We own the world’s largest and most robust database of 8.5 billion active IP addresses.

Unrivaled accuracy

With 99.999% accuracy, your company is using world’s best-in-class, AI-powered IDPS.

We use zero-trust architecture and AI to kill everything it cannot validate.

Under our protection

Shield is your next-gen IDPS, protecting you from Zero-Day and Malware-Free attacks.

Ready to get protected?

INTRUSION Shield is affordable for every business, large or small. We price per seat, per month – with no annual contract and no hardware to buy.

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