Threat Intellegence Cloud

Shield relies on the largest and most advanced threat intelligence cloud.

Meet the collation base for reputation, trust, ownership, history, and attribution for the entire Internet

Complete history of over 8.5 billion active IPs

TraceCop contains info for 8.5+ billion active IP address reputations with 3.4+ billion that are known to be malicious.

Millions of in-depth content surveys

TraceCop contains web server content surveys (natural language, topic, etc.) on hundreds of millions of websites and associated servers.

Leveraging historical data to follow patterns

Most products focus on current datasets and lack historical depth. Malicious actors focus on hiding and changing ownership, history, and associations to avoid detection, which we track.

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World’s most advanced threat intelligence cloud

With 8.5+ billion known active IPs and growing, TraceCop has been recording, categorizing, and indexing Internet traffic for over two decades.


IP history and ownership

TraceCop data contains a history of IP block allocations and transfers, historical mappings of IP addresses to Autonomous Systems (ASNs) as observed through BGP, and approximately one billion historically registered domain names and registration context.

TraceCop also contains tens of billions of historic DNS resolutions of fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs or hostnames) on each of these domains.

Together, these mappings show relationships, hosting, and attribution for Internet resources which is invaluable for killing cyberattacks.

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