from Cyber Crime

$3 trillion in cyber crime loses in 2019 alone
Ransomware: hundreds of billions of dollars and valuable information
Trade secrets, product specs, customer list, identities, and more
Some ransomware attacks are not about the ransom, or about the theft of trade secrets. Some ransomware is meant to destroy a company.
Ransomware is a company killer with 60% of small businesses failing within 6 months of a ransomware attack according to the FBI.
Loss of National competitiveness
Loss of trade secrets and product plans bootstrap competitors and produce loss of market share for US companies.




Shield is a combination of hardware, software, global data, and AI services to provide businesses the most robust defenses against cyber crime
Shield uses AI to real-time analyze billions of packets of data a day providing you a completely automated solution
Shield receives real-time updates as our worldwide installations and big data sources of knowledge identify new dangers
Shield blocks traffic and flows of the Internet, stopping things on metrics that others don’t even characterize
Shield uses everything we have learned, our big databases (device history, reputation, association, carrier, country), neural networking, machine learning, and process flow technology to keep your business as safe as possible from compromises

AI and Big Data to the Rescue

There are simple classes of good and bad, some things are always bad. These can be blocked without your staff having to bother with them. Shield takes care of this for you.

There are very complex cases, where nobody notices the theft of intellectual property outbound in sessions that look like normal Internet browsing by employees. Cyber criminals do their best to blend in as normal traffic. It takes an average of 103 days to find breaches because defenses are not looking where criminal activity hides. Using AI Shield real-time identifies anomalies in your network traffic using novel and patented methods of process flow technology to reduce that time to day one.

Most breaches today are what is called malware free compromises – no alarms trigger in a firewall or endpoint solution. But the common denominator is that nothing happens without communications.

Shield uses AI to uncover surreptitious communications and attempts to steal your data. Shield uses cutting edge and patented techniques to identify malicious activities without signatures using process flow technology.

Put AI and Big Data in your arsenal. Shield has the world’s largest inventory of the Internet – with history and reputation. It is not effective to look at behavior divorced from previous behavior. Shield uses heuristics to determine a connections reputation and automatically blocks potential danger.



SMB Market

190 million businesses worldwide
34 million businesses in the USA
Cyber criminals do not just focus on large enterprises and governments, but all computers on the Internet, even cell phones and tablets
Criminals are using all methods, including sophisticated AI, to search and attack all IP addresses worldwide
One goal is obviously profits, but another goal is simply disruption of business to eliminate competition
There are an endless list of benefits besides just money that drive criminals to commit cyber crimes and all of them will harm or destroy your business
Cyber crime has become the norm projected to steal $6 trillion dollars in 2021
You MUST take action adding Shield to your layered security architecture

Cybercrime Report

$3 trillion in damages to business in 2019
Estimated to hit $6 trillion in losses in 2021 worldwide
FBI reports that 43% of US businesses had financial losses in 2019 from cyber crime
300 billion passwords in use worldwide, regularly stolen and abused
90% of hackers use encryption to hide their attacks and thereby pass freely through firewalls