Executive Alert

Employee lost productivity by cyber is costing
you potentially millions of dollars a month!

  • 30% of all Internet traffic is porn
  • Visits per month:
    • Netflix 46M, Amazon 110M, Twitter 160M, PORN 450M, Youtube 800M
    • All of these represent employee brain drain
  • Porn sites receive more regular traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter combined each month 
  • 800 billion minutes spent in Facebook every month
  • 70% of Internet porn is downloaded during the workday
  • Statistics show this is somewhere between $1M and $3M per year in lost productivity for a company with only 100 employees!
  • Add to this the costs to your business from gambling, phishing fraud, spam, malware, and ad fraud and you add millions more dollars lost
  • Is this how you want your employees spending their time at work?
  • Shield can stop all of this lost productivity immediately
  • Easy way to check your losses is to take 10-30% of your total labor costs and realize you are wasting that money on the misuse of the work Internet!
  • Shield which cost you only a few thousand dollars depending on the size of your business will save you millions of dollars in lost employee productive and potentially millions of dollars in cyber crime losses!
  • You may think you are protected today but install Savant and you will find out just how unprotected you really are.
  • Can you afford another minute without Shield on your side?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could STOP cyber crime?

Publishing your confidential information on the web Ransomware
Theft of trade secrets and customer details
Harvesting of corporate knowledge
Detect and counter Insider threats
Discover and block IoT devices doing continuous outflow that nobody approved or is even aware That’s what we do every day!

INTRUSION Shield, Savant, TraceCop, and STA

Value Proposition
of Solutions


  • Damages from ransomware that could be in the millions
  • Damages from stolen trade secrets, product code, and customer list that could be the market value of your company
  • Damages from lost employee productive by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, and other social media could be in the millions
  • Install Savant to monitor your network traffic and through AI our patented process flow technology finds all your exposures
  • Install Shield to block all non-accentual and dangerous network traffic keeping you free from cyber crime


Most Important Fact
About Cyber Crime

Being breached by cybercrime is an everyday occurrence. A survey done of hundreds of businesses resulted in revealing one simple, but often surprising fact. What is that common, thread that ties business and government breaches together? They all had a firewall installed, highly configured, and running! Yes, all the big, well known breaches like: Adobe, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, British Airways, Colorado gov, DHS, Domino’s, Facebook, FBI, JP Morgan, IBM, Nieman Marcus, Qatar National Bank, Sony, Star Bucks, TD Ameritrade, US Army, US DoD, Walmart, Wendy’s, and thousands of other businesses were breached even though they had a complicated and often very expensive firewall. That’s because firewalls can’t do everything and are simply not enough. That’s why we design, develop, and support Savant , Savant , and Savant solutions specializing in stopping cyber crime.

INTRUSION has been in the business of designing and building specialized network hardware and software for 37 years to keep businesses safe. Over the years we have learned a lot about cybercrime. Starting back in 2002 INTRUSION began focusing specifically on cyber security solutions and has one of the most robust databases of real-time Internet IP, DNS, domains, hosts, web servers, mail servers, file servers, malicious sites, history, reputation, and relationships in the world. We combine that big data and a team of people with over 200 person years of experience and expertise in cyber security with neural networks, machine learning, and AI to monitor, alert, and block cyber crime often before it can even occur. INTRUSION uses patented technologies to do process flow analysis on all your network traffic: incoming, lateral, and outbound data. This makes our solutions unique and powerful offering you the safest Internet environment possible.

Please take a look at our solutions and see if they cannot dramatically improve your security posture. Safe today and safe tomorrow!

Daily Required

It is critical for businesses to understand the importance of data encryption and backup to prevent ransomware!
It is relatively easy to encrypt all data at rest using standard databases like Oracle and DB2 or third-party add-on products. Cyber criminals are often are just trying to disrupt your business so if they get access to your unencrypted confidential files they often publish them on the open web.
It is also equally easy and even more important to keep secure backups of all data daily. You can use any number of third-party products and Cloud services to securely backup your data to a Cloud or offsite, disconnected location where it cannot be stolen, encrypted, or corrupted.
These two simple steps make you safe from ransonware and other malicious use or damage of your important and confidential data.



INTRUSION uses the NORAD Defense Model

NORAD is charged with finding all threats in a massive world of movement of ships, planes, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft. They can’t find threats if they don’t understand normal movement, old threats, and emerging threats. NORAD is global and is bigger than any one victim, command, or operation. NORAD must leverage what it knows about an enemy's behavior in one part of the world to prepare and defend other parts of the world. NORAD uses Detect, Assess, Authorize, and Engage strategy to keep America safe.

INTRUSION, like NORAD, is charged with defending businesses around the world. Therefore, we have a full inventory of every IP address, server, host, attacker, and country, and we constantly collect network traffic around the world and using AI we aggregate the reputation, ownership/control, relationships, history and purpose of connections in order to protect your business. We leverage Savant ’s ability using AI to learn all communications from all networks to build a global picture of danger so it can be blocked before it even occurs on your network. INTRUSION uses that same Detect, Assess, Authorize, and Engage strategy to keep your business safe.