Malware-less attacks

Protect your business from Malware-less attacks, but who is who?

File-less attacks avoid detection by executing only RAM and Malware-free because it’s using your legitimate resources to attack you.


Organizations rely on INTRUSION to deliver
unrivaled protection

Serious malware methods

In 2019 – 51% of attacks use malware-free methods.

Malicious scripts rose

Malicious Powershell script rose 1,000% in 2018.

Stop attacks

Russian attacker steals $8M from ATM using file-less attack.

RAM scanning

Most signature-based protection solutions do not scan RAM. 

We use real-time AI analysis to solve problems and prevent attacks

Protect all networks

100% scalable from small to large networks introducing zero latency to clients’ operating environment.

Real-time AI

Our real-time AI for deep packet inspection of all connections attempting to enter or exit your network.

8.5 billion active IP addresses

We own the world’s largest and most robust database of 8.5 billion active IP addresses.

Highly accurate and effective

Shield Identifies malicious connections with high accuracy and effectiveness.

We use Zero-Trust architecture and AI to kill everything it cannot validate.

Under our protection

Shield is your next-gen IDPS, protecting you from Zero-Day and Malware-Free attacks.

Ready to get protected?

INTRUSION Shield is affordable for every business, large or small. We price per seat, per month – with no annual contract and no hardware to buy.

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