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Nonprofits work tirelessly for the public welfare.
They deserve tireless cybersecurity protection.

Cybercriminals are highly motivated to target nonprofit organizations because of the vast amount of information they hold regarding financial donations and contributions, research, and email contacts that would be extremely valuable sold on the dark web. Nonprofits are also considered to be soft targets because their limited budgets mean they often can't prioritize their cybersecurity.

Real-time AI

Real-time AI detects and kills connections that would expose your network to ransomware, phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.

World's largest database

Identifies more threats than other cybersecurity solutions by leveraging the world's only Big Data Cloud of Internet traffic databases, TraceCop


Shield's plug-n-play technology makes installation fast and simple. After installation, no human intervention is required while under the protection of Shield.

Cybercriminals have already stolen large amounts from nonprofits

43% of cyberattacks target nonprofits and small organizations with 50% of nonprofits having experienced a ransomware attack.

"Breaches happen often, and when they happen to big companies, they make headlines... nonprofits rarely operate at the same scale, but the effects of a breach can still be devastating, both in terms of reputation damage and regulatory fees."


"It's only a matter of time before your organization gets scammed by email or your website gets hacked."


"Nonprofits... are usually run on very tight budgets and limited resources. This makes them an ideal target for cybercriminals."


Vulnerable communities depend on nonprofits. Shield your nonprofit from cyberattacks.