Comprehensively safeguarding energy companies cybersecurity

Energy companies are easily targeted by threat actors. From high-value assets and data to networks, endpoints, and processes, their advanced automation increases the attack surface and makes energy companies highly vulnerable.

Ensuring safety in a constant digital threat

AI to assess remote digital trends

Our advanced platform features ever-tracking AI for the rapid changes to the way funds are accessed

Security controls to protect data

We esure your vast amounts of valuable data such as enterprise assets and personal information are protected



of financial firms have faced a cyberattack in the past year.




costs of attacks, which is 75% more than other organizations.



increase in attacks just between February and April of last year.

Our approach to energy cyberattacks


Real-time AI

Our real-time AI detects and kills connections that would expose your network to ransomware, phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.


World’s largest database

Identifies more energy industry threats than other cybersecurity solutions by leveraging our robust Big Data Cloud of Internet traffic databases, TraceCop.



Our easy-to-integrate technology makes installation fast and simple. After installation, no human interaction is required while under the protection of Shield.


We offer top solutions to keep your energy
company protected against attacks

Kills zero-day attacks

Energy companies house vast amounts of private and sensitive customer data. We stop compromises.

Real-time AI

As an energy institution, you need real-time AI for deep packet inspection of all connections attempting to enter or exit your network.

Zero-trust architecture

For your protection, we use zero-trust architecture and AI to kill everything it cannot validate.

No ineffective alerts

Because you’re busy, our technology doesn’t generate a single time-consuming or ineffective alert to save you time and money.

Case Study

Learn how INTRUSION protected its customers
from breach in the SolarWinds attack.

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Product of the Year

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See how customers protect their businesses
with an inside-out approach


We chose Shield because we needed a solution that could simply and quickly protect our enterprise infrastructure as we continued to scale our business. Shield’s ability to plug directly into our network and quickly add value without raising countless alerts will have a huge impact.

JR Schroeder

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