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Internet Monitoring and Tracking Products

TraceCop is a suite of Internet monitoring and tracking products that provides unprecedented capabilities for the identification of malicious and illegal activities based on historical and current Internet usage data.

At the core of the TraceCop offering lays an unparalleled data collection process which continuously collects, processes and stores vast amounts of historical Internet usage and traffic data into the TraceCop Databases. With immense foresight, Intrusion began this invaluable and vast 24x7 data harvesting, analysis and management process in 2000.

To unleash the power of the TraceCop Data, Intrusion offers a basic Web-based user interface (UI) with an easy to use approach to assist in your searches. For more targeted interest, Intrusion also offers customized UI development to meet your organization’s needs.

Intrusion’s inventiveness extends beyond its prescient data collection since 2000 to include its unique methodology in the access and 24x7 consumption and complex processing of this vast amount of public data. Some companies can provide similar tools and services around small amounts of the existing data but only Intrusion can offer access and views into deep historical data. Intrusion’s invaluable data enables the ability to identify trends, patterns and associations that are not available by other companies.