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Powerful Technology - Cost Effective Solution

The challenge is to limit the exposure of sensitive consumer data by preventing it from leaving your company’s network unprotected. Intrusion’s Compliance Commander is powerful technology that provides a cost-effective tool to locate and to prevent such security lapses – before they occur. Compliance Commander stops sensitive consumer data with 100% accuracy before it can leave your network unprotected. Compliance Commander’s Dynamic Application Detection™ technology protects all applications, ports and protocols against intentional and unintentional leaks of consumer data. This enables your IT team to mitigate areas of risk that frequently include common business processes involving:

  • Business partners
  • Customer support
  • Mobile workers
  • Other IT applications and services

Compliance Commander’s Dynamic Application Detection technology protects all applications, ports and protocols. It also protects against targeted attacks, which are becoming more widespread as the value of consumer data grows.

Intrusion’s integrated Ticket Management Workflow tool provides a simple, yet powerful, process for fixing data leaks before they can cause damage. Advanced reporting and management capabilities quickly summarize your organization’s risks, enabling you to focus your resources on the areas of highest risk to your company.

You and your team have spent years building a successful business – working hard to develop trust with your customers and value for your stakeholders. Don’t risk your hard work by failing to implement effective tools such as Intrusion’s Compliance Commander. The Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory enforcement agencies expect you to protect sensitive consumer data like you would your company’s cash. Your customers demand it.