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AccessIT Group, Inc.

AccessIT Group is a premier provider of IT security and infrastructure technologies. We offer best-of-breed IT Security solutions ranging from Security Policy and Solution Design to Security Solution installation and implementation. In addition, AccessIT Group offers comprehensive Technology Risk Management services that allow companies to proactively evaluate their security risks. AccessIT Group provides enterprise level products and services for both regional and global companies, and our engineers maintain the highest level of certification for all the products and services we provide. Partners like Check Point and Nokia have awarded us their highest level of partner accreditation.

Centuric, LLC

Centuric offers a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to address the complex issues in todays compliant business environment. Our goal is to help clients meet the challenges of implementing and maintaining a compliant and secure communication network. Centuric began operations in 2001. We team with organizations of all sizes from initial strategic consultations and project planning through deployment of solutions to ongoing maintenance, hosting and support. Our network operations center (NOC) provides a secure and compliant environment for clients seeking an outsourced solution rather than building their own physical infrastructure and hiring technical specialists. Our team of technology professionals can provide managed network services using either on-site or NOC servers in a highly efficient manner.

Compushare, Inc.

Why does this attitude toward IT persist? Reasons abound, from technology’s intricacies and constant evolution to the lack of awareness of executive leadership, usually cultivated from areas outside the technology industry. Many CIO’s burdened with driving the IT organization forward are in reality lacking the resources and knowledge to do so, and are forced to spend the majority of their time juggling unnecessary projects, policies and procedures. Add to this already difficult situation the debilitating delusion that “as long as we are passing our IT exams, everything is copasetic” and you have a widespread, incredibly ineffective approach to IT. As the knowledge gap between IT’s effectiveness and management’s awareness grows, the entire industry is clearly begging for a new vision and refreshing guidance to overcome these deeply ingrained difficulties. Enter Compushare, a company coupling a unique depth of knowledge and competence in strategic IT matters with over 10 years of highly evolved experience. Suddenly, dysfunctional IT conditions are revolutionized, a transformation that makes IT matters some of the most fertile organizational ground for improving key performance indicators such as ROI, customer retention, etc. Where major problems once existed, major opportunities now abound, and a new realm of transformed IT thinking springs to life. Across the industry, one company stands alone in guiding financial service organizations to make the most of their IT Business Enterprise. Compushare. A company with an approach that will show you there’s a lot more to IT than you ever imagined.

External Technologies, Inc.

Security software, consulting, and training solutions for your business. As a society, we grow more dependent on the internet everyday. Businesses are are more vulnerable than ever as they are opening their virtual doors for internet commerce and communication, home computers are getting "always on" internet connections that are faster, cheaper, and offer the convenience of being there at the click of a button. But at what price? Viruses writers are getting smarter in their attacks. Hackers are getting more creative in their intrusions. Blended threats have become commonplace, where a virus is just a vehicle to open the door for other, more malicious activity. And what are they really after? Your identity, your finances, and your vital information. In short, they are after you. So what can you do about it? Protect yourself. Get yourself covered, educated, or just downright prepared. At External Technologies, we specialize in security software, consulting, and training solutions. We've designed solutions that range from the small office using a dial-up connection to Fortune 1000 companies using globally distributed networks. Our front-line solutions range from virus protection to intrusion detection and prevention. Our supporting solutions range from individual education to the development of entire education programs, standard or specialized.

InfoSight Inc.

InfoSight, Inc. offers proven and affordable Managed Security and IT Compliance and Vulnerability services that protect and optimize how an institution's critical information is processed, managed and stored. Today, we serve institutions around the country minimizing risk exposure and providing the highest levels of security assurance and IT regulatory compliance. InfoSight services combine consulting with technology including Perimeter Security & Infrastructure Monitoring Services, Email and Internet Content Services, Data Leakage & Data Privacy/ Policy Enforcement Services, IT Risk Assessment & Compliance Consulting, and Enterprise Network Implementation Solutions.

LAN Solutions

LAN Solutions, founded in 1990, is a leading provider of network consulting, integration and managed services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of products that deliver the best technology and unparalleled service to our customers. This includes providing proactive, remote managed services that utilize leading technologies to support our clients' network infrastructure, mission critical servers, end-user desktops and network devices. Our strength is in our professional staff and our technology partnerships. LAN Solutions has partnered with some of the leading manufacturers including - Microsoft, Dell, Citrix, HP, Cisco and Evault. More importantly, we have successfully attracted and retained Senior Engineers with very high standards. Our challenging and rewarding work environment results in low personnel turnover. Further, our dedicated and highly qualified Senior Engineers have been with the company for 8 years on average. Through our commitment to continuous professional training and certification, our team stays abreast of the latest technologies. LAN Solutions is the choice for companies who need a full-service managed IT provider. We Make IT Easy!

Realtime Office Solutions, Inc.

Established in 1989, Realtime Office Solutions provides comprehensive IT security solutions drawing on our 30 years of IT experience to provide our clients with only ‘best of breed’ products and services. Our goal is to provide powerful, easy to use, software and hardware solutions that save organizations time and money while making their buying process easier by emphasizing service and support to differentiate Realtime from more price oriented national chains.

Secure Thought, Ltd.

At Secure-Thought, we have experience in developing bespoke solutions to unique problems that face the modern e-commerce business in an Internet rich global economy. This experience has been matured while employed as a senior IT manager responsible for the development and implementation of a team of advanced analysts who supported an enterprise network catering for over 350,000 users. The aim of this team included identifying and protecting systems for sophisticated hacker attacks. This skills base has been augmented by extensive skills in the area of data encryption methods, IDS implementations and signature development, Incident management and post event recovery, with an in-depth knowledge of the hardware, software solutions and all TCP/IP protocols used within a modern network. We have extensive experience in assisting senior management in providing an effective security solution in enterprise level network. As the lead vulnerability analytical team we were called upon to provide Subject Matter expertise input on the development and implementation for MOD’s Enhanced Computer Network Defence capability, which will deliver the next generation of security methodology to the Military.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc.

While some companies have branched out into security, Sword & Shield was founded in 1997 with the aim of providing world-class information security services as our only business. Our success is driven by customers who seek us to be their partner in security. We support our customers' business objectives by delivering the best value in security solutions tailored to their business environment. We are called on by the Fortune 1000 companies to provide services in risk management, security policy, security strategies for compliance, business continuity, network security, managed services, product integration, incident response management, and technical support. Through strategic partnership with industry leading and innovative security product manufacturers, Sword & Shield delivers best-of-breed security technologies for enterprise IT environments. With a highly trained professional staff, Sword & Shield has extensive experience in information security and security testing for large-scale corporate IT environments and mission-critical federal systems.