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INTRUSION has a rich history of delivering proven, robust, network monitoring and analysis solutions to high-profile customers including Fortune 500 companies and the US government. One of our early successes included uncovering a corporate espionage case for which our customer received over a billion-dollar settlement – still one of the largest ever settlements from a cybercrime. As we grew we brought to market tools and technologies with an eye towards solving today's most complex cybersecurity challenges including TraceCop and Savant as key underpinning architectural elements of our newest marquee solution, Shield.

TraceCop is a suite of Internet monitoring and tracking products that provides unprecedented capabilities for the identification of malicious and illegal activities based on both historical and current Internet usage data. TraceCop dramatically reduces the time and complexity required to discover identities, ownership, and contact information for compute devices on the Internet. It also greatly reduces the time required to track down Internet perpetrators, thereby making it easier for global law enforcement officials to prosecute Internet-related offenses.

Savant is a transparent network data capture and analysis solution that brings data analytics into corporate decision-making. The insights from Savant provide the ability to address many of today’s major challenges faced by organizations, such as company cybersecurity infrastructure and performance issues.

Shield is our newest Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for businesses of any size and government agencies. Its primary role is to identify and kill all dangerous traffic going into and out of any organization's network. Shield does this by combining the capabilities of Savant and TraceCop along with artificial intelligence (AI) in a unique, patented process flow technology that analyzes all network traffic - incoming and outgoing - to keep your business safe.