• Shield uses process flow technology
    • Delivering automated, real-time blocking
    • Blocking real-time data flows that others can’t even see
    • Automatically stops communications with enemies and unknowns
    • Detects abnormal flows due to compromises
    • Stops theft of data
    • Stops latent compromises from calling home
  • Savant Threat Analysis
  • in real-time
    • The preeminent instrumentation tool for all protocols and all data flows
    • Extends the value of your security products by automated correlation and custom Ai analysis using process flow technology
    • Allows you to include protection against inside jobs by employees, partners, and subcontractors – as well as globally supplied hardware and software with back doors or vulnerabilities
    • Monitors and shows all of your outflows – so together we can distinguish between legitimate connections and theft of data
      • With STA, there would never have been an OPM compromise
  • TraceCop for cyber warriors, investigators, and law enforcement
  • Cyber research reports
  • Zero trust model of analysis for otherwise hidden enclaves




INTRUSION’s solutions blend full-spectrum cyber, big data resources, machine learning, and advanced digital analysist techniques using process flow technology to drive collection and inform clients of network operations and threat level.
INTRUSION’s Consulting Services has experts at analyzing large network traffic sets at scale; enriching IPs and hostnames with proprietary historical attribution; identifying patterns of communications and anomalies; mapping out networks; and determining threat level of customer’s network traffic.