Corporate Security Solution

Providing Indisputable Verification of Security Violations

Security threats and violations plague not only governmental agencies but corporations as well. Both entities are forced to deal with outside and inside security threats and violations.


A 2010 poll indicates that 37% of business IT security managers believe that data loss from internal threats, negligence and/or accidents will be their next major security issue.* Nearly two-thirds of all businesses have pinpointed social networking giant Facebook as the biggest threat to their security.**


Today’s Challenge


Inside security violations are the most difficult to detect and can occur by accident or with intent by leaking sensitive data – trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal information belonging to employees or customers. The new social media and communication technologies and methodologies have crept into the daily work lives of individuals and groups at most companies and have removed some of the control companies previously held on their information. In addition, department-to-department information leaks often create issues which lead to corporate infrastructure issues or internal security violations.


The Savant Solution


Savant is a transparent network data capture and analysis solution that brings science into corporate decision making. Our solution provides real-time access and insight into a company’s own quantifiable network data for more effective, unbiased decision making and provides the ability to address some of today’s major challenges faced by governmental agencies and corporations. Savant provides indisputable verification of security violations such as:


•  Insider trading

•  Corporate espionage

•  Competitive, proprietary or sensitive data information leaks

•  Accidental information leaks

•  Internal theft

•  Department-to-department leaks of “need to know” data

Savants Unique Value Proposition


Savant brings science into the corporate decision making of security issues faced today based on indisputable, quantifiable data. Designed with privacy in mind, the product is transparent so that only designated personnel know of its existence and have access to the information. Savant provides simple, real-time or timeframe-based reports so that our clients can quickly assess data about personnel or situations that need un-biased analysis.


•  Respond to potential security violations immediately and transparently

•  Identify and stop information leaks before damage occurs

•  Provide indisputable data to prosecute offenses when necessary

•  Remove the subjectivity and emotion from critical security issues


*2010 IT Threat Prevention Straw Poll by CDW LLC based on a survey of 200 IT 

  Security manages and decision makers at medium and large businesses across 

  the U.S.

**2010 report from IT Security firm, Sophos.

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