Savant is a transparent network data capture and analysis solution that brings science into corporate decision making.


Our solution provides real-time access and insight into a company’s own indisputable and quantifiable network data for more effective, unbiased decision making. This new insight will provide the ability to address many of today’s major challenges faced by corporations such as company infrastructure issues, performance issues, and identifying the true ‘Wizards’ or recognized experts by their peers.


Bringing Science Into Corporate Decision Making.


Today’s Challenges

Corporate decision making is more complex than ever before. Social media and communication technologies have extended the reach of employees beyond the bounds of IT policies and regulation. Internal social structures aren’t as apparent as they used to be and can impact company operations. Regulatory laws require increasingly stringent tracking of corporate information and information flows. Company intellectual property is more accessible and vulnerable than in the past.


The Savant solution provides detailed insight into day-to-day operations and addresses the issues which are increasing the complexity of running today’s companies. Through knowledge management, social network analysis, operational network analysis and real-time network observation and surveillance, the Savant solution provides a truly unbiased, indisputable, quantifiable method for corporate decision making.

The Savant Solution

Savant is a purpose-built appliance that performs a unique, real-time, transparent data capture and analysis of all content across a company’s network, including the “who, what, when and where” of the data from any application. Savant provides an intelligent methodology behind situations such as:


•  Unbiased personnel changes

•  Indisputable verification of security threats

•  Quantifiable project planning


As opposed to our competitors who take the data offsite to be analyzed, Savant is offered as a transparent solution providing onsite, real-time data analysis and reporting. This patent-pending technology provides simple and easy-to-understand, real-time reports for key personnel within a company who need to analyze critical infrastructure issues and would typically be used by the executive management team, human resources, or information security group.


Savant Features


•  Unique, transparent data capture method

•  Capture of 100% of the unencrypted, network data

    •  Chat sessions

    •  Email

    •  Web searches

    •  VoIP

    •  Logs

    •  System information

    •  Custom applications

•  Real-time processing of massive amounts of data

•  Installed and protected by and within your network

•  Simple and easy-to-understand user interface

•  Real-time reporting

•  Option to import customer-provided data

    •  Telephone logs

    •  System Information

    •  DNS Export (direct connect)

    •  Active Directory Information (LDAP)

    •  User names and schema

    •  Email Logs

    •  Exchange Logs

    •  Critical Personnel

    •  Managers/Supervisors/Contractors

    •  People of Interest

    •  Organizational Structure

    •  Department codes

•  Option to customize data view to a time-frame, person, process, time-motion

    view, etc.

•  Two Patents issued

•  One Patent pending


Savant Benefits


Unbiased insight of indisputable, quantifiable data.


Unprecedented Corporate Insight

•  A true view of the “big picture”

•  Quick and intuitive drill-down of detailed content

•  Objective insight into corporate social networking behaviors

•  See internal social structures and personnel roles as they really exist

•  Determination of the “go to” people and “experts” in your organization


Quantifiable Corporate Measurements

•  Actual evaluations on asset usage, work flows and performance

•  Application usage and effectiveness diagnosis

•  Visibility into the most effective communication tools

•  Real-time workflow and process assessments


A New Level of Corporate Protection

•  Indisputable verification of security threats

•  Information leaks stopped before damage occurs

•  Quantifiable proof to prosecute when necessary

•  Subjectivity and emotion removed from critical security issues


Savant Architecture


Savant’s multi-CPU, multi-thread architecture is designed to systematically trigger on events, index and organize the entity relation of the data, and capture data based on a plurality of rules and policies defined by the user. No other system has been purpose-built to provide instantaneous pairing and tracking of repeating events.


Savant provides full tracing and instrumentation of all email, chat, DNS, socket API calls, SQL, or any collation of protocols. Savant does not use simple statistics, but instead provides the user the ability to instrument anything they might want to understand about what is flowing across a network trunk or backbone. Savant allows collation by conversation within higher layer protocols such as providing traffic flow history by email address, chat ID, server name, VoIP phone number, service API or anything that is base on a decoded protocol. Savant can be used in stand-alone mode or multiple units can be deployed to provide unsurpassed vision into the traffic patterns and frequency of events in a network.




200 Mbps:  Model 8552-100

•  3U rack mount hardware appliance

•  3.4” tall  x 17.5” wide x 29.31” deep

•  Quad Core CPU

•  Redundant power supplies

•  Six (6) 1TB hard drives

•  DVD-ROM drive


2 Gbps:  Model 8552-1000

•  Same as Model 8552-100


20 Gbps: Model 8552-10G

•  Please contact Intrusion to help with your specific configuration, storage needs 

    and rack specifications.

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