Board of Directors

​Dale A. Booth

Dale A. Booth was recently appointed to the board of directors on February 9, 2015 to fill the vacancy resulting from the retirement of Mr. Fred Bucy. Mr. Booth is currently Sr. Managing Director of TurnPoint Advisors LLC., a management strategy and advisory firm he founded in 2009, and is a private investor. Mr. Booth also serves on the board of Bell Industries Inc. Mr. Booth is a former Chief Executive Officer of NetVersant Solutions LLC., a $50M provider of 4 advanced communications and networking solutions for large enterprise clients. Prior to NetVersant, Mr. Booth served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sensor Logic Inc., a leading provider of wireless data management and connectivity solutions. Prior to Sensor Logic, Mr. Booth served as Chief Executive Officer of NextiraOne LLC., a $500M provider of communications solutions to mid-market and fortune 500 clients. Prior to NextiraOne, Mr. Booth was Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., a $3B provider of optical communications products to the telecom carrier market.Mr. Booth earned an engineering degree with honors from DeVry University and completed his educational studies at Wharton and the University of Chicago, Gleacher School of Business. Mr. Booth is a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), Board Leadership Fellow and completed NACD’s comprehensive program of study for corporate directors. Mr. Booth’s extensive business experience in various technical, managerial and financial positions make him particularly qualified as a member of our Board, Audit Committee and Compensation Committee.

Donald M. Johnston

Donald M. Johnston has served as a director of the Company since November 1983. Mr. Johnston is President of Massey Burch Capital Corp., a venture capital firm. He served as President of Massey Burch Investment Group, Inc., a venture capital firm, from 1990 until December 1993 where he had been a principal since 1982. Prior to that time, Mr. Johnston was the President of InterFirst Venture Corporation, a venture capital subsidiary of Interfirst Bancshares, Inc., and the Executive Director of First Dallas, Ltd., a corporate finance group in London, England. Mr. Johnston holds a B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University and an M.B.A. degree from Southern Methodist University.

James F. Gero

James F. Gero was named a director of the Company on October 27, 2003. Mr. Gero is former Chairman of the Board and a principal stockholder of Sierra Technologies, Inc., which was formed in September 1991, and is a private investor. Mr. Gero serves on the Boards of Drew Industries, a public company which supplies a broad array of components for recreational vehicles and manufactured homes, and is Chairman of Orthofix, N.V., a publicly traded medical device manufacturer. Mr. Gero is a former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Varo Inc., a manufacturer of high technology systems. Prior to becoming Chairman and CEO of Varo Inc., Mr. Gero served as Vice President and General Manager at Allied Signal Corporation. Mr. Gero holds a B.S. degree from State University of New York, an M.B.A. degree from University of New Haven and an M.A. degree from Fairleigh Dickinson.

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