Cyber Theat Analysis Consulting

INTRUSION brings you in-depth Consulting & Threat Analysis

We produce actionable threat intelligence reports customized to your organization – guiding your team to eradicate advanced threats in your network


The Savant Threat Analysis differentiation

Compliments existing countermeasures

STA leverages the patented high-speed, multi-protocol, process flow technology of INTRUSION Savant sensors.

Early detection

We detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) along with flows that don’t make sense from any and all causes.

Our solutions prevent cyberattacks before they harm your business

Most advanced threat cloud

We utilize our constantly updated threat intelligence cloud to ensure your company is protected from the latest threats – including Zero-Days.

Real-time AI

Our real-time AI detects and kills connections that would expose your network to ransomware, phishing malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.

World’s Robust database

Identifies more cyber threats than any other industry solution by leveraging our intuitive Big Cloud of Internet traffic databases.

Highly accurate and effective

Shield Identifies malicious connections with high accuracy and effectiveness

Affordable for any business

You can receive immediate protection with no annual fee or hardware to buy for a small per-seat fee.

Under our protection

Shield is your next-gen IDPS, protecting you from Zero-Day and Malware-Free attacks.

Ready to get protected?

INTRUSION Shield is affordable for every business, large or small. We price per seat, per month – with no annual contract and no hardware to buy.

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