We are a global leader in real-time AI cybersecurity solutions designed to kill cyberattacks before they harm your business – including Zero-Day and malware-free attacks.


Our mission is clear: eradicate cybercrime from the world.

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stop the bad guys.

Cybercrime threatens our livelihood with businesses being attacked every 39 seconds. It’s time to rethink how to stop cybercrime using an inside-out approach.

With 61% of cyberattacks involving a Zero-Day, we had to think of a new approach to cybersecurity.

Together we can
make it happen.

We operate under the assumption that the bad guys are already on your network. Our job is to make sure they are unable to cause you harm.

Our unique combination of talent, experience, and innovation makes  Shield the most effective way to combat today’s most challenging cyberattacks. Let’s win the war on cybercrime together.

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INTRUSION Shield is affordable for every business, large or small. We price per seat, per month – with no annual contract and no hardware to buy.

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